When the sky bleeds is a tale of love, sacrifice, struggle, courage, poverty, betrayal and revenge. It’s all about finding inner strength even when there’s hardly any glimmer of hope. It concludes with conviction that where there’s true love, there’s way.

At the centre of the action is a small village in Rajasthan. The story covers three generations and shows how when the time changes, everything around changes; however the women of the village remain doomed forever under the mercy of dominating men and selfish relatives.

The protagonist of the story is a soft-spoken, kind hearted village woman – Bhoomi. True to her name, she remains patient like the earth, which bears all the misdoings of mankind. Then one fine day, just like the earth which when loses its patience, wreaks havoc; the protagonist Bhoomi emerges from the background and even in dire circumstances, stands for what truly belongs to her.

How Bhoomi stands up for her loved ones, how she triumphs in spite of everything and becomes a testimony of love and sacrifice for the women folk around her, forms the crux of the story.

As the story progresses, the action shifts between Mumbai and Rajasthan, unleashing an eager feeling of what could unfold next. The plight of the women, from the village to city, seems no different. This aspect touches one’s heart and bleeds it profusely.


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