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Vijay Salgaonkar, the protagonist of the Indian film “Drishyam”, is a self-made man who runs a cable TV network in Goa. He is depicted as a loving husband and father, who values his family above all else. He is highly intelligent, resourceful and a problem solver. Throughout the film, Salgaonkar demonstrates his unwavering devotion to his family and his quick thinking when faced with a difficult situation. Sometimes a hero or a villain is a very subjective, depending on the perspective. Vijay is a hero for his family who goes to every length to protect them. A true blue family man. But when we see him through the other side, he is a spineless person who hides the crime committed by his family, even having the audacity to bury a son’s body in the same police station where his mother will work.

One of the defining traits of Salgaonkar is his determination and resourcefulness. Despite having limited formal education, he has built a successful business and provides his family with a comfortable life. He is not afraid to use his wits and intelligence to overcome obstacles, as evidenced by his ability to outsmart the police in their investigation of a crime.

Another key aspect of Salgaonkar’s character is his loyalty and love for his family. He is a devoted husband and father, who will stop at nothing to protect them. This is demonstrated by his efforts to clear his family’s name and protect them from the consequences of the crime. He sacrifices his own freedom and well-being in order to protect them, showing his unwavering commitment to their safety and happiness.

In conclusion, Vijay Salgaonkar is a complex and multi-faceted character who is depicted as a loving family man, a determined and resourceful entrepreneur, and a quick-thinking problem solver. He embodies the values of loyalty, devotion, and selflessness, making him a relatable and admirable character in the film “Drishyam”.

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