Ashna Khan is from the city of joy Kolkata. She graduated from University of Calcutta. She started her career as a content writer. Then she leaped into the teaching profession. She teaches English literature at a high school. It’s been around 4 years of teaching, she loves her job. She encourages and emphasizes on creative thinking among her pupils. However, writing has been her passion from her school days. She showed keen interest in participating in essay and poetry competitions. She has won several accolades as well. Writing is what she loves to do.

Ashna Khan is an avid reader of fiction, non-fictional and poetry. She is very fond of Indian English literature. She is a realist. She loves to write real stories with characters that anyone could relate to in their day to day life. People, their emotions and places intrigue her, leading to the formation of plots. She believes emotions and complexities of relationships form a good basis for heart-touching, soul- stirring stories – the kind of stories which one can relate to.

When the sky bleeds is her debut novel. It’s all about relationships, emotions and struggles of life. Her passion for writing does not stop at fiction; she also loves writing poems and blogs in her free time. She still does content writing. She writes on various topics in her blog www.diaries9.com

Ashna Khan can be reached at ashna@ashnakhan.com


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